Policy Statement

As a first-class installation company in the UK, ISL recognizes the importance of considering the impact of its activities on the environment and of working with customers and suppliers to minimize this wherever possible.

Key Objectives

ISL’s environmental policy for the Financial Year ending March 31, 2014 is driven by two key objectives:

  • to reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste produced as a result of installation activities and at the Company’s offices; and
  • to reduce the amount of energy consumed in the delivery and installation of customers’ products and at the Company’s offices.

Key Measures

Pursuant to the key objectives of this Environmental Policy, ISL will strive, wherever possible, to:

  • minimize the amount of miles driven by its staff and subcontractors to deliver materials by arranging for multiple deliveries to be collected in one visit, thus reducing the number of factory to site journeys required;
  • reduce packaging waste by keeping packaging in a re-useable state and returning packaging to customers’ factories for re-use, and, where this is not possible, ensure that used packaging is recycled. • recycle all used paper and cardboard products in the office;
  • reduce the amount of energy used at the Company’s offices by ensuring that all utilities are used in the most economical manner; and
  • develop an electronic requisition and sign-off process to reduce the amount of paper and printed materials used and stored at the Company’s offices.


ISL has committed to review its Environmental Policy at the end of each financial year, with a view to assessing the adequacy of the measures in place during that year and the scope for additional initiatives during the forthcoming year. The Company’s Environmental Policy and a summary of the results of annual review of this will be published in the Annual Report & Accounts.

March 2015